The Fierce Butterfly Duo
The Fierce Butterfly Duo
The Fierce Butterfly Duo

The Fierce Butterfly Duo

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These bracelets are in honor of Madelyn James Didio - the fierce and feisty little girl who had a deep love for butterflies. 
A note from Maddy's family: 
Maddy was an incredible, fierce feisty girl. She was Hannah’s twin sister. Her smile, nose scrunch and side eye, could make your heart melt immediately. Her battle with Infant Leukemia was that of storybooks. 
She fought every, single, day. A real-life superhero. And, through it all, she smiled, laughed and loved. She most dearly loved her sister, her parents and her best pal, Rupert the wub-a-nub pacifier. 
Maddy was diagnosed with infant leukemia (a genetic variant) at just four months old. She spent most of her life in and out of hospitals. Yet, because of the amazing team at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and the care and love they put into Maddy as not a protocol, but a patient, she also lived three months at home with her family. She went to the swings every day, she had late-night “dance parties,” she snuggled with her sister.
Just as she was about to go to Bone Marrow Transplant with her sister as her donor, her disease quickly and rapidly changed types. The odds were stacked against her - yet she kept on going. 
Maddy never gave up.
Even on her last day, she fought and loved so hard to make sure every single immediate family member was in the room. She moved mountains. 
She is missed so much.
To honor her legacy, her family is committed to advocating for more research for kids cancers. Right now, only 4% of federal funding for cancer research goes to kids. We have to do more. We have to ensure every kid gets to live a full life, even with cancer. 
That’s why this month is so important. 
Be fierce like Maddy and fight to make sure no child will have to fight like she did. 
Now, she’s at peace. 
Now, we use our voices to rally behind this amazing, miracle maker, our Maddy girl. 
In honor of Maddy, 50% of proceeds from the Maddy Fierce stack will go directly towards the CHOP Cancer Center. 

Stack consists of: 

  • 6mm Bracelet with the word "FIERCE" in lavender & gold
  • 6mm Bracelet with a gold butterfly in lavender 

Care instructions:
Gold discs/daisies may become darker if exposed to water. Do not shower or swim with bracelets on. Elastic band may stretch over time. “Roll” bracelet over hand instead of stretching the bracelet.

Please note: 
Heishi beads will vary and might be a little bit of a different shade if you reorder in the future.

The Fierce Butterfly Duo